The Master & Slave Toy Store, located in Second Life®, a 3D virtual world (, in the sim of Cleora, specializes in toys and gadgets for the enjoyment of doms, dommes, submissives and slaves.

Some of the products sold can also be found on SL Exchange:

But plan on visiting the store to see all of the items available.

Collars - scripted

Choose from a very wide variety of scripted slave/submissive collars. The collars allow the submissive to give control to one or more owners. Control allows the submissive to be leashed to the owner, to be caged, or to be placed in a vairety of positions.

The more advanced collars allow the submissive to completely relinquish control, provide push-button animation control, allow changing the texture/appearance of the collar, and even changing the appearance of the leash.



There are a variety of cages that come in all sizes, to accommodate owners with only one submissive, or those with a dozen. Features may include owner only locking, group control, or the assigning of specific individuals control.


Toys to delight and excite. Be sure to visit our show room.

Business Tools

M&S scripted advertising signs, the first to be introduced into SL, have become an indispensable income producing tool for many businesses, including escort organizations.

advertising room

Business tools include advertising signs, escort rental signs, tip jars, helper signs, donation boxes, camping cages, and whispering or notecard greeters.